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Plein air, a French term meaning "in the open air"

There’s something magical about being out there. It’s not just about painting what I see; it’s about really feeling the place, capturing those fleeting moments of light and color that just don’t stick around for long. Every time I set up my easel outside, it’s a whole new experience. The wind, the sounds, the air – everything adds to the vibe of my painting. The real magic of painting plein air is about trying to capture the energy I feel being there.

It's about being present, really seeing our surroundings

But beyond the challenge, there’s an authenticity to plein-air painting that’s incredibly fulfilling. It’s about being present, really seeing our surroundings, and translating that experience onto canvas.

During the process, one part is playing with the composition and translating the endless details of nature into shapes and forms with the brush, the other is planning how the light will change and how I can remain in the selected spot for the duration of the painting.