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I'm Tamas Erdodi from Szeged, Hungary.
I've illustrated digitally for 15 years and now focusing on capturing impressions and feelings with traditional painting mediums.

My name is in Hungarian written as Tamás Erdődi and pronounced approximately as ‘Tamash Air-dur-dee’.

As time went on, it became clear that my mission as an artist is more than just creating; it is about bringing light into people’s lives.

My approach to painting is as spontaneous and free as the scenes I capture. Whether it’s the play of sunlight through the leaves or the ever-changing hues of a sunset, my work is a tribute to these fleeting moments. I believe in the power of art to not just depict, but to deeply connect with the beauty that surrounds us.

For many years I was fascinated with old classic hand painted animation backgrounds. In the journey of learning digital painting I found out what I’m really gravitating towards is the impressionistic, artistic interpretation of the surroundings.

My proccess is really intuitive, I like to create after personal experiences, travels or similar memories. I’m roughly thinking about the composition, but like to have a freedom with changes till the last brushstrokes